Amy The Authoress

Amy The Authoress aka Miss Mathews

I have always been fascinated by discipline and spanking, first modelling for Janus magazine at the age of 19, and beginning a film career a few years later. I began as a sub, but as I grew older gradually became more comfortable and confident assuming the dominant role. I absolutely love performing for a camera, and feel I really come into my own when the director shouts “Action!” I remain fascinated by the role discipline plays in the British psyche, and how the spanking connoisseur can transmogrify pain into pleasure – it’s a veritable alchemy! I’m very privileged to be able to earn a living from this interest, and have met some wonderful people along the way


Amy The Authoress aka Miss Mathews

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A dialogue with Amy Carter (Miss Mathews)

Hi Amy, it's good to see you again. We met up recently with Miss Svenson - a rather red-bottomed ending for me I recall!  But it also gave us the chance to talk about doing a little conversation piece for Wellsmackedblog.  So thank you for setting aside some time to talk about your thoughts on [...]

My role as Miss Mathews

My role as Miss Matthews When I was asked to play Miss Matthews for Bellington Academy, I wasn't given much guidance as to her character. Much of what I’ve brought to the role derives from my own personality - she is strict but compassionate, soft-spoken, fair-minded, and utterly devoted to the noble art of physical [...]

Miss Matthews’ first taste of discipline

Miss Matthews' first taste of discipline   I was working as a striptease artiste at the Sunset Strip Theatre in Soho when I was discovered as a potential spanking model. A film-maker from the nearby, much missed, Janus shop popped in to see the new girls dance, with a view to getting some fresh faced [...]