Miss Kendal talks about PE and discipline at Bellington

Miss Kendal joined the Bellington staff quite recently but has already made her mark – in a manner of speaking!   I was delighted when she agreed to take part in a little conversation piece to share her thoughts.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

Hi Miss Kendal, I am very pleased to be talking with you today about the world of adult spanking and discipline and about your filming work with Miss Svenson of Girl Next Door Productions.

Thank you, Mr L. It’s a pleasure to be invited for an interview.

I guess we all have our own stories about how we first got into spanking so what were your first adult spanking experiences? Have you experienced receiving as well as giving discipline?

Indeed. My first experiences were very much on the receiving end. I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful Disciplinarian when I was younger. I believe he took a shine to me and saw me as somewhat of a protégé. It was through receiving CP that I truly discovered my deep rooted, emotional need for power exchange. My first experience of topping someone was at the tender age of 20, and I genuinely haven’t looked back since!

What is it that excites you personally about adult spanking?  Both

A sharp slap from Miss Kendal while Susie stretches
A sharp slap from Miss Kendal while Susie stretches
"What do you mean it's only just begun, Miss?"
"What do you mean it's only just begun, Miss?"

physically but also emotionally/psychologically?

For me, the emotional and psychological aspects of spanking far outweigh the physical. Of course, I thoroughly enjoy administering a sound spanking but my need to connect with other people on such base, emotional level is paramount. I am immensely attracted to power, both feeling it in myself and watching others give theirs away freely (or not so, in some cases!). It’s hard to describe or pinpoint specifically, though when a spanking or discipline scene really works, it can be earth shattering for both parties.

That’s insightful and I can identify with what you are saying. Part of having a really great session for me as a spankee is sensing that my disciplinarian(s) are enjoying it to the full as well.  Let’s talk about the recent films. You have done a couple of films so far with Miss Svenson, which I personally have really enjoyed.  How did you come into contact with her?

Miss S contacted me some time ago after seeing my Twitter profile and asked if I would be interested in working with her. It’s quite coincidental as the week prior to this a friend and I had been discussing her website and the films she made. He had suggested she may be a good person to contact re working together – we must have discovered one another around the same time.

The first film was the PE teacher with lovely Susie-Li.  How did you prepare for the film beforehand?

I had spent a fair amount of time looking through previous clips, though I must be honest and admit that I don’t like to over prepare for any scene or session. I have an acting background so have spent many years fine tuning my improvisational skills. I like to go with where the mood of the day takes me, and with spanking being so heavily reliant upon individual reactions, it can often be counterproductive to plan too much ahead of time.

Added encouragement to complete press-ups
Added encouragement to complete press-ups
Susie's cheeks take on a lovely pink from Miss Kendal's stern applications
Susie's cheeks take on a lovely pink from Miss Kendal's stern applications

I can understand that. It feels much better when the action develops spontaneously.  I liked the way you kept a dialogue going throughout the film clips, without becoming verbose.  It just seemed to fit in really well and keep the tension going nicely.  How do you manage that and keep position before the camera and action going at the same time?

Again, I have my theatrical training to thank for this. Being in front of a camera or audience comes as second nature to me. I don’t have to actively concentrate on things like positioning or projecting my voice to ensure I am heard. It was drilled into me on a daily basis so I can almost switch on the autopilot setting for my inner actor and, instead, focus on thoroughly enjoying the scene I am immersed in.

I think that comes across well. You seem to have a clear sense of where the cameras are without it being obvious. I have met Susie-Li on a few occasions and in fact I have been disciplined by her on one occasion! 

The chemistry in the PE Teacher film looked really good. What was Susie like to work with?

Susie is lovely. She’s highly professional and such a likeable person which, funnily enough, makes it all the easier to administer her discipline! There was nothing she wouldn’t try, regardless of how challenging it would be. Hats off to her!

Miss Svenson is always trying to develop and improve her creative and technical skills with every film she makes, which I find fun to talk about with her.  She did a private custom film with me a year or so ago which I thoroughly enjoyed doing.   Well, you came back to do a second film so I presume you enjoyed the first. How did you find working with Miss Svenson as she directed the film and action?

I truly loved the first experience filming with Miss S. What I found most pleasing is that she wants everyone to have a level of creative involvement. I didn’t feel like I had to follow orders

"You bickering girls are going to have to learn to work together the hard way!"
"You bickering girls are going to have to learn to work together the hard way!"
Sam gently holds Susie's head as Miss K contemplates her bottom end
Sam gently holds Susie's head as Miss K contemplates her bottom end

or change my personal style at all. We were given so much freedom over our scene, Miss S was there to guide us through and turn the personal experience between Susie and I into a piece of art.

I know Miss Svenson and Susie will love seeing your comments here. Others have said similar things about the freedoms they feel as performers within Miss Svenson’s creative approach. The films are of course fantasy scenarios but the discipline is real enough.  How do you ensure the recipient gets satisfaction from the discipline, albeit an experience that involves a degree of temporary pain?

I always ensure I talk with spankees before we begin any filming, that way we can gain each other’s trust outside of the scene first. When filming, the impact can be a little stop/start so is often harder to take than if we were conducting a private session. Occasionally, I would give the girls a brief warm up with my hand

while we were off camera, which then makes it easier to receive the harder strokes intended for the film. We discuss limits and try out test shots to see how the individuals feel about the intensity.

The trust aspect is so important in the spanking genre – I haven’t met a disciplinarian yet who doesn’t think it important. And what do you do to achieve satisfaction for yourself as the disciplinarian?  Tell me a little bit about your techniques, both the actual physical side of chastisement but also the psychological side.

I can get my satisfaction in so many ways. Being that ‘presence’ and holding power over the scene is a seriously liberating feeling. Any good spanking, in my opinion, has to begin with the mind. I rely heavily on word play, intense silences and eye contact to set the mood, as it were.

Tell me a little about how the amazing range of positions came about in the PE Teacher film?  I know Miss Svenson is delighted with them and I think

Miss Kendal encourages poise and good posture. Keep still Sam if you can.
Miss Kendal encourages poise and good posture. Keep still Sam if you can.
A good strapping with cheeks taut and stretched
A good strapping with cheeks taut and stretched

it is rare to see these sorts of innovations.  I love them! (And I know there is an off shoot film where the naughty plumber also demonstrates his gymnastic prowess.)

The positions were the real focus of these particular productions. Miss S said she wanted to create something really spectacular and I think she achieved just that. The handstand idea was already in place for the final position so together we explored some other possibilities that would tie in with the PE theme.

The second film you have done fairly recently was A Thorough Lesson?  This time with two young ladies – Susie again but also Sam Johnson, who is quite a legend in the adult spanking world.  How did it go with the second film working with two naughty spankees?

It was great. I hadn’t met Sam before but she has a wonderfully positive personality and, as with Susie, was up for trying all kinds of crazy ideas! It was a real pleasure to work with them both and such fun to see them playing off one another when they thought my back was turned.

I love that bickering between them as soon as you are off scene.  It really raises the naughtiness level! I was particularly impressed by the length of the first section, as well as the content of course. Again you kept a dialogue going throughout which lent an air of calm tension throughout if I might put it like that.  Were you conscious of that?

Oh, very. I adore the effect that words can have on a spankee. I always prefer a calm and calculated approach to shouting, I feel it adds a bit of drama and can be far more terrifying.

That certainly works for me; it’s that sort of subtlety that makes for a good film I think. Shouty disciplinarians just don’t do it for me at all!  There were some great fun moments in the action that I really enjoyed, like when Sam abruptly stands up after the last whack of the holed leather paddle and sends all the others to the floor! (I know from personal experience how stinging that paddle feels. 😉 ) Do you have any particular favourite parts of the recent film, or for that matter in the PE teacher? 

Miss Kendal concentrating hard on applying the strap
Miss Kendal concentrating hard on applying the strap
"Both of you bend right over, you deserve every smack of this spanking!"
"Both of you bend right over, you deserve every smack of this spanking!"

That is a fabulous moment! I really like the naughtiness from the girls when they are niggling with each other. They couldn’t even stop themselves fully when I arrived!

That’s what I love about the young ladies at Bellington!

I like the way the two PE films focus on self-discipline and fitness in mind as well as body.  Personally I find being spanked emotionally and psychologically therapeutic.  Is that something you recognise with discipline?  I mean, I sensed quite a lot of yourself in the films even though you are playing a role.

I do indeed. Discipline can be incredibly therapeutic for everyone involved. Whenever I play there is an element of myself in the scene – there has to be for me to get what I need from it. I draw on previous experiences and use what knowledge I have to make the scene feel very real for the spankee.

You quite rightly maintain a serious composure facially during the films, although just occasionally I sense the hint of a wry smile developing.  Personally I find some aspects of Miss Svenson’s films quite amusing at times.  It makes me think there are funny moments off screen as well.  Am I right? Or just letting my imagination run away!

Naturally. It’s a very fun environment. Inevitably things can go wrong when filming and often you can find yourself laughing about camera angles or saying something daft.

I for one would love to see you in more of Girl Next Door films, and in perhaps some new roles – not that you don’t look great in your PE kit I might add (cheekily).  Is that something you’d like to do? In reality, it’s often the case that PE teachers teach other subjects as well.  Are there new scenarios that you would like to do with Miss Svenson?

Miss Kendal performs a series of paddle tests - here's the worst one!
Miss Kendal performs a series of paddle tests - here's the worst one!
Miss Kendal tries the young ladies in an interesting position....
Miss Kendal tries the young ladies in an interesting position....

Absolutely! In today’s climate, teachers are having to cover all manner of subjects to make up for falling numbers. I knew this when I took the role at Bellington so have been brushing up on every subject on the school timetable to be ready! An English Literature class perhaps with a Shakespearian style spanking? I am such a fan after all.

Are there any other young ladies from Bellington you are keen to meet and spank!!?

I would love to get my hands on Charlotte Appleby. There is something very cheeky in that young lady’s face. In my opinion, she is simply crying out for a spanking!

Spot on!  Lovely Charlotte may be head girl but she is constantly up to all sorts of ruses that get her and others in trouble.  I am absolutely sure an opportunity will arise.  She never seems able to hide anything from Miss Svenson.

Just finally, what would you say to anyone a little nervous about taking the step into adult spanking even though they really, really want to?

Start slow. Jumping in at the deep end can be perilous. Read what you can from active practitioners (professional and lifestyle), see what appeals to you and what doesn’t. Be completely honest with both yourself and anyone you choose to contact. Be mindful about those you do contact. It is a vulnerable enough feeling to go over someone’s knee for the first time, so be sure to do it with someone you feel safe with.

More than anything, just do it. At your pace, but do it!

Sound words, which I fully endorse. Miss Kendal, thank you so much for talking with me.  It’s been a real pleasure and I am sure blog readers will enjoy reading your comments and ideas and appreciate you sharing them.

Not at all, Mr London. Thank you too, and keep your eyes peeled for my return.



With best wishes, Ian London

....and then more interesting still.  Balance, strength and gymnastic ability all to the tune of the cane.
....and then more interesting still. Balance, strength and gymnastic ability all to the tune of the cane.

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  • Excellent.
    I sort of discovered Miss Kendal last night and was so impressed with her creative positioning for her selfies. I echo her thoughts entirely, especially the fear if first going OTK. In my case I had opted for a first ever Session with 2 Mistresses!! The blur of instructions did confuse as did how to go OTK lol
    I for one am delighted Miss K puts creativity into he role as PE teacher. Yes, she must take on other teaching roles. Miss Matthews I thought was Queen of literature? Strange as it might seem, I attended for 3 years a Catholic boys secondary school. We had to memorise ‘The quality of mercy’ from Merchant of Venice… Every error was met with a whack on the bottom from the English Master. Spelling likewise. Hateded him for it and still can’t spell. Yet I longed to do French (wasn’t allowed) because of the Blonde young French Mistress who I wanted to spank me. She alas never did. Think in Junior School I got a slap of the young music teacher do thanks to her its probably why I adore a Lady putting me OTK.

    • Thanks for your comments Mark. I love the range of fantastic performers Miss Svenson has assembled for her films. She brings out the best in them and Miss Kendal has got so much to offer as a disciplinarian. Take care, mate.

  • Good to see young Sam again with young Susie being spanked by Miss ,best spanks, Tim .

    • Nice one, Tim. It really is isn’t it. Sam is really lovely and her and Susie together being taken through their PE by super strict Miss Kendal was amazing. As for the positions, I can only look on in awe. Quite astonishing! Best wishes, Ian London.

  • A plea to Miss Svenson, Miss Matthews, Miss Kendal and Miss Appleby. Please, can we have a film of all of you together or at least Miss Svenson directing and Miss Appleby having her bottom warmed by Miss M and K 🙂 Maybe a Shakespeare rehearsal with Miss Kendal taking rehearsal and Miss Matthews directing, but Miss Appleby keeps forgetting her lines…
    Basically, anything to get Miss Kendal as a regular. Now if she did roles in F/M videos I could be encouraged to come out of retirement!

    • Good things can come to those who have patience 🙂 . Speaking mathematically there are many combinations of performers as yet untried. And each will have a unique chemistry.

  • Cute girls with cute botties for spanking .