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This is the story of Girl Next Door Productions


My name is Elsa Svenson and I am a disciplinarian and video producer. I started Girl Next Door Productions in 2014. The story behind this enterprise started a couple of years before when my good friend Amy Carter, aka Clara Hewitt, asked me if I would like to spank her in a little video film.  After careful consideration I decided to do just that and we made the very first video clip called The Naughty Secretary.

girl next door spanking productions

Then one day about a year and a half later I was contacted out of the blue by a gentleman who had obviously seen The Naughty Secretary and asked me if I would produce a longer video for him.  I had no real experience making videos but I did know a young lady who wanted to be spanked on film and I had a friend who was willing to try filming it. I managed to get hold of another little camera which was very simple but would do the job in a basic fashion. With little experience we filmed the story of Anthea being spanked by her strict auntie (me).

Anthea getting spanked

A friend of mine in San Francisco was willing to help edit the video, and after a little hard work there I had my very first self-produced video, which I later on called Home Education. It is still available in the wellsmackedseat.com shop in parts 1, 2 and 3.  Anthea was gorgeous and although she couldn’t take as hard a punishment as some young ladies you see in spanking films, I still think these early little clips are well worth seeing, judging by the kind comments enthusiasts send me about them from time to time.

miss svenson spanking

After this start, I made several more commissions for the same gentleman, such as Tea with Miss Prendergast and Auntie Knows Best.

Miss Prendergast spanking

pyjama spanking wellsmacked seat

In the meantime, I had a website created where I could sell clips and DVDs.  I was amazed how popular these videos were and with these encouraging signs I decided to continue producing. I hired a professional cameraman and editor and made the now legendary Bellington Academy videos.

School Room spanking

The enterprise involved a lot on investment and preparation. I had to obtain school uniforms in all sizes. I designed our own Academy Badge and had it specially embroidered.  Miss Mathews (played by Amy Carter) the deputy headteacher was the main authority figure in the early Bellington Academy films.

amy the authoress spanking a very naughty school girl

The story of Bellington Academy was a real success. So far I had hired people to do the filming and editing but I wanted to be more independent rather than always relying on others for technical expertise.  So I invested in a good editing program and a high quality video camera and started learning to do the post-shoot production myself.  I found it personally rewarding to develop my skills in this way, and a year after the first video was shot I edited my first full film lasting over one-hour long.  This helped me to gain confidence in my own editing abilities and after this I did all the post-shoot production myself.

A little later in summer 2015 I decided to start filming on my own as well.

A day to remember spanking video series by Miss Svenson

The first Girl Next Door Productions video I ever filmed entirely myself was A Day to Remember starring Miss Mathews, Miss Sullivan, Charlotte and Elizabeth and myself in the final caning scene.

A day to remember spanking video series hard spanking and caning for naughty girls

It was an exciting technical experience as well as being a fun film to make with all the participants.

From that day onwards I have been fully in charge of every aspect of the production. I am behind the camera as much as possible.  If I am playing in the video myself I have a couple of lady friends who will take on filming duties for me.

We are an all-female team

When we make videos we are often in a small space and the actresses are frequently semi-undressed.  This can be uncomfortable especially for new models who are not so used to such work in such an intimate environment. It is very important to me personally that the young women who work with me feel comfortable with their work environment. This is one of the reasons I decided to have a 100% female team.  I find it works very well and we have a great atmosphere and lots of laughing and fun between the spanking.  This really helps the participants feel good about the acting they are doing and helps to pull us all closer together.

So there you have an introduction to Girl Next Door Productions. In part two, I will look at the different videos and what makes them all special to me

Girl Next Door Productions spanking video of strict discipline that includes spanking, caning, tawse, paddle and anythng else these strict disciplinarians deem fit to be used on naughty girls

19 Responses to The Story of Girl Nextdoor Productions

  • Personally – I love the look on the other girls faces as they watch someone else get caned. They are party intrigued and partly very nervous and I guess just a little bit excited…..

  • Talking of facial expressions, I love the determined looks of the ladies doing the spanking. And Miss Sullivan’s expression spanking Miss Mathews is an absolute treat. The blur on that right hand tells you how vigorous and stingy the spanking was!!

  • Cute young ladies well spanked indeed ,best from Tim .

  • Soy una persona aficionada al spanking . He visto muchos videos sobre este tema, y en mi opinión ustedes han logrado lo mas dificíl en una fantasia. acercarse tanto a la realidad que son muy creibles. logran crear el ambiente adecuado así como el vestuario y la reacción de las personas implicadas que realizan un gran trabajo de caracterización de los personajes sin llegar a ser sobreactuados como muchos de su competencia.
    Les felicito por sus videos.

    • Gracias por tu comentario, Gil. Creo que las películas están muy bien hechas con gran representación de los personajes. Y el spanking es realmente bueno también.

  • I love your films especially the attention to detail in the uniforms, but what really does it for me is those delightful black school plimsolls

    • Nice one, John. I love the films too. Those black school plimsolls are so fine and also very easily slipped off the foot to provide a ready to hand spanking implement!

  • Love this site. The girls are all wonderful and beautiful looking. The scenes where they are undressed down to their vests and knickers are among my favourite scenes but it is the ones where they are spanked in their pyjamas that I really love. My two favourite films are Lessons Learnt and Bellington Academy Two. Keep up the good work. Delighted to see this blog set up.

    • John, thank you so much for your kind comments. I am so glad you love the blog. It is lovely seeing the young ladies of Bellington in their undies, you are so right. All very tastefully done too. They are all beautiful and not in a stereotypical way. They each have their own special beauty in my opinion. I’m interested that you particularly like the pyjamas scenes. The two films you mention are excellent. Do you also love the last scenes of The Dancing Shoes and Girls who Argue?

  • I do indeed. I have always loved pyjama spanking scenes and it is great to have a site like this that does them so well I especially love that you have so many scenes where the girls are wearing the same pyjamas like a uniform.

    • I’ve grown into liking the pyjama scenes more and more. And it’s a variation from my number one obsession with black stockinged young ladies getting a smacked bottom!! LOL

  • Please can you make available your first film of Amy Carter – the Naughty Secretary.

    • Hi Mark, the Naughty Secretary is indeed still available if that’s the film you mean. Check out the oldest page (page 1) of the downloads section on wellsmackedseat.com. I presume you aware of another vintage Amy film with Miss Svenson – Miss Svenson punishes a naughty pupil. Also on the site. It’s where Miss Mathews thinks back in time to her own student days. Best wishes

      Ian London

  • Well done Miss Matthews for getting spanked, just found videos of you and lovely to see you getting a taste of a good thrashing… More please. Thank you.

  • It’s nice to see some really excellent films from you and have an opportunity to give you some give feedback, I would like to suggest a film involving some ladies sent to a reform school we would see them arrive in their fancy dresses and high heels, then watch as they were made to strip for their medicals at this stage their clothes would be taken and replaced with the Bellington reform school uniform, or maybe the reform school could be sport based in which case we would see the ladies as they dress in vest knickers and sensible black plimsolls

  • This is an excellent site and the attention to detail and high quality really shows through.