The Beautifully Strict Bellington Disiplinarians

If you are a fan of adult spanking from the receiving end, I’ll take a shrewd guess that somewhere buried in your psyche, or perhaps not very buried, is the image of the strict no-nonsense teacher.  Personally, I really love the authority that goes with the role.  But not only that, it’s the altrusitic intention behind such a formidable authority figure; the desire to educate and to mould character. Furthermore, the desire to carry out one’s duty to correct aberrations from the straight and narrow path to becoming a good citizen and to take one’s responsibility seriously.

For this reason I thought I’d like to present in one place a little overview of six fine traditional disciplinarians who all strive to develop a commitment by young ladies at Bellington Academy  to the highest standards. And who will not hesitate to take the necessary steps to maintain that commitment whenever behaviour falls short.  I am of course pleased to say that they have a seemingly unending uphill task with the delightful but extremely naughty young ladies of Bellington.

Miss Svenson takes careful aim
Miss Svenson takes careful aim

Miss Svenson, Headmistress

Miss Svenson has long experience as an all round firm and strict disciplinarian, and she is highly skilled in delivering sharp corrections when needed.  And at Bellington Academy the headmistress has her work cut out.  Hardly a day goes by without some form of correction to a deserving bottom proving necessary.   Accurate, stinging caning is a speciality as she strives to develop the highest standards not only in the young ladies, but also the teachers at Bellington.   Miss Svenson herself is an enthusiast for musical and visual arts.  She especially loves helping naughty young ladies to give voice as she adds artistic colouring to the blank canvas of their cheeks.

Here we see the poor Art teacher, Miss Williams, being soundly chastised.


Miss Mathews, Deputy Headmistress

An English Literature specialist with a strong belief in the ‘English vice’.  Most adept at administering firm but fair punishments to improve behaviour and focus on study.  Miss Mathews has some lovely stylish aspects to her spanking technique, like the use of both hands in quick alternation on each cheek of a hapless spankee to emphasise the lesson.  She is particularly saddened by any young lady who fails to study diligently, and after appropriate remedial action it’s often a case of “like summer tempest came her tears.”

But lazy Bellington staff are not exempt either. Here’s naughty school secretary Miss Jones getting a good dose of the hairbrush.

Miss Mathews prepares to swing the hairbrush
Miss Mathews prepares to swing the hairbrush
A firm paddling from Miss Kendal
A firm paddling from Miss Kendal

Miss Kendal, PE Mistress

Miss Kendal is a recent arrival on the Bellington staff scene.  As the Physical Education teacher she has already made quite an impact, in fact several hunderd impacts as far as Susie and Sam are concerned.  She is a firm believer in a healthy fit body being a cornerstone of a healthy and fit mind.  Woe betide any Bellingtonites who fail to appreciate this and skive off.  Miss Kendal is most adept at incorparating challenging physical tests into any punishment session, and all the while delivering a withering lecture to the unfortunate miscreant accompanied by sharp spanks and strokes with hand, slipper, paddle, tawse and cane.

Here she demonstrates her skill with a punishing leather paddle – just right to remind naughty girls of the improatnce of exercise and working cooperatively together.

Lady Fortescue-Smythe, Chair of Governors

The Chair of Governors gives her full support to the strict approach taken by Miss Svenson and the Bellington teaching staff to encouraging high standards and model citizenship.  Mostly this is moral support and ensuring the Governing Body’s policies are implemented but very occasionally it has been known for the dear Lady to offer her practical assistance in matters of discipline.

And so it is here where we see Charlotte’s predecessor as headgirl, Victoria, feeling the smarting slaps of the rubber sole across her gorgeous cheeks.

The Chair of Governors wields the slipper
The Chair of Governors wields the slipper
Le main de la maitresse Francaise est tres dur
Le main de la maitresse Francaise est tres dur

Miss Ashworth, French Mistress

Here we have another more recent  member of the Bellington team in the form of Miss Ashworth.  She brings a sense of European cultural diversity to the Academy as well as the punishmentsa mores of the French nation.  Witness her use of the martinet on occasion.  So far Miss Ashworth’s patience has been most sorely tested by Maureen and of course lovely Charlotte, the girl who just refuses to behave. She has made a good impression which should leave our young ladies in no doubt about her commitment to correcting poor work and attitude.

And here you see a case in point as incorrigible Maureen receives a firm hand spanking, which of course is just the beginning of her corrective ordeal.

Miss Sullivan, Home Economics Mistress

Miss Sullivan is a long-standing teacher at Bellington, although she has gone on an extended sabbatical just recently.  She is the sort of schoolmistress to make many a young lady quake in her shoes.  She stands no nonsense and cannot bear lack of committment, especially when it comes to effort in work experience, for which she also takes curricular responsibility. She has a spanking style that is a joy to observe, whereby she establishes a relentless spanking rhythm, even with just her hand, that just goes on and on and on……   and on – until a poor spankee’s bottom is cherry red.

Witness here a quite remarkable hand spanking administered to dilatory Marianne where the relentless, almost metronomic spanking delivery produces a beautiful fiery red in her gloriously ample cheeks.

A vigorous spanking from Miss Sullivan
A vigorous spanking from Miss Sullivan
A day to remember spanking video series hard spanking and caning for naughty girls
Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress - a formidably strict team


The Formidable duo of Headmistress and Deputy


Just a last look at Bellington’s fine Headmistress and Deputy. A senior Bellington team instilling good discipline in young ladies cheek by cheek, stroke by stroke as required!

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  • Your splendid The Observer’s Book of Disciplinarians is just the thing to put in one’s knapsack when venturing South East of London. I imagine your copy is pretty well-thumbed Mr London! Keep up the good work.

  • Generally speaking these thoughts are rather specific to the individual but the bookseller of your imagination – “a stern and elegant lady of middle years”- is rather lovely. Until a year or so ago, there was an excellent small secondhand bookshop (mostly literature and art) halfway along Lower Marsh Street (behind Waterloo) run by a stern and elegant lady of middle years (and, occasionally, her husband) …but she wasn’t given to flicking her eyelid, and certainly not to winking. Although their prices were reasonable, that shop consumed many hours and many pounds.

    Rochester boasts one of the several “largest secondhand bookshops in the country” – you can see it from the train should your journey take you beyond Rochester railway station. And no, I am absolutely certain the premises could not be hired for a cultural cheese and wine party. Put that idea right out of your head. And most certainly not for use as a film set!