Video Reviews

Victoria’s Secret Review

Review by Sgt. Major Kane The modern world may not find it fashionable to say so but girls are sweet, impressionable young things.  The way they docilely follow clothes and shoe fashions tell us that.   One year it’s heels, the next it’s flats. It is not therefore surprising(is it?) to find that when left to [...]

She Is Sorry Now Review

Review by Sgt. Major Kane For too long in the background, Bellington’s excellent Secretary, Miss West, finally and firmly gets to grips with her role (and Catherine!) in She’s Sorry Now. Having been given authority by Miss Svenson to deliver unto our cheeky Catherine severe punishment, Miss West displays all the skills, guile and glee [...]

Mercy? Mais non, non! “Merci, Madame!”

As headmistress of an educational establishment in the garden of England - the fair county of Kent -  Miss Svenson has recently been keen to promote learning of the French language and culture at Bellington Academy.  It is a pleasure to learn that Miss Ashbrook (played my Mistress Iceni) has joined the teaching staff to [...]

A Bellington Over the Knee Retrospective

At heart my first and foremost favourite spanking position is over the knee.  I adore the feeling of being over an inviting female lap receiving sharp punishing smacks to my cheeks.  I love the intimacy of the position; the way I can't avoid wriggling around as the stinging sensation builds and burns my bottom but [...]

A Thorough Physical Education Test

I was really thrilled when Miss Svenson told me that Miss Kendal would be featuring in another PE film with Susie played by lovely Susie-Li.  Not only that but Samantha played by gorgeous spanking legend Sam Johnson would also be involved.  Samantha had to be punished at Bellington quite a while back but has clearly [...]

A Midsummer Afternoon’s Spanking

Bellington Academy is a traditional establishment and an important part of the curriculum is developing a deep and meaningful understanding and appreciation of the literary heritage.  Miss Mathews has a profound knowledge of the literary canon and has studied authors, poets and playwrights from the classics through to the modern era in great depth.  She [...]

Cheekiness and giggling leads to spanking and wriggling

Naughty Isabel thinks everything is a bit of a laugh until Miss Svenson calls her to account.  Here are a few words and some sample pics from an endearing Girl Next Door film featuring cuddly and lovely Isabel receiving her just deserts.  It would be lovely to see her again but perhaps her behaviour has [...]

Posture, poise and position – Miss Kendal the new Bellington PE teacher catches up with truanting Susie

A lot of the young ladies at Bellington must get plenty of exercise.  Much of it may well be running away quickly to avoid being caught smoking, or climbing back over fences or through open windows having sneaked out of bounds in the evening.  But nevertheless they are often very fit looking (in both senses [...]

Enterprising Young Ladies Breaking the Rules – Caught and Soundly Chastised

  There's something really quite exciting about stories or films that have an element of rebellion in them.  Perhaps it's in my nature to identify with activities that challenge the orthodoxy. I kind of wish I could be or had been as rebellious myself in reality - I was always quite well-behaved when I was [...]

Cheeky Girls are the Best! (Especially when it earns them a spanking!!)

Something that really adds a bit of spice and fun to spanking films is when naughty young ladies offer up sauce and backchat to an authority figure like a manager or a headmistress.  When they are actually caught actively taking the mickey out of their authority figure it's sublime.  So I am absolutely delighted with [...]

Dancing to a Different Tune Back at Bellington

A film I saw quite early on from Wellsmackedseat is the story called the Dancing Shoes.  It’s a ten clip extravaganza featuring three lovely young ladies and two of Bellington Academy’s fine strict disciplinarians – Principal, Miss Svenson herself and the Domestic Science teacher, the formidable Miss Sullivan. It is also the first film to [...]

Bellington’s sexy but distracted secretary

If you love spanking, then I’ll bet at some point you will have imagined a secretary in that compromising position of facing a justified chastisement.  There is something about the role that is just right for spanking fantasies. I mean there was even a relatively mainstream film called Secretary released 15 years ago with lovely [...]

Precision Caning

Precision caning Caning is commonly a feature of spanking films, often as a final sharp punishment to drive a lesson home to the miscreant in whatever scenario is being enacted.  There really is nothing quite like the sting of the cane in my experience.  Its intensity of pain concentrated in such a narrow line across [...]

The Secret Book – A spanking video I loved

The Secret Book I Loved A first blog post In some quarters adult spanking gets a bad press.  We’re ‘perverts’.  There’s ‘something wrong with us’. ‘We like violence’ etc etc   Many of us may have been ashamed about our fetish and kink as a result. That was me for a long time.  But now I’ve [...]